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Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists provide demolition and excavation services for both commercial and residential customers. Plan your home move, construction or demolition project, spring cleaning or excavation project and discover the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with professionals every step of the way. Our hazmat experts in Penticton and the Okanagan Valley can provide you with asbestos and lead removal as well.


Our certified and qualified team can also help with hazardous material removal. We will safely remove and contain any harmful materials so that you don’t have to think about them. Contact our team today to learn more about our asbestos and lead removal program in Penticton and the Okanagan Valley.

Experts at Work

Leave your demolition and asbestos projects to our specialists.

Safe Storage

Keep your possessions safe with our weather- and rodent-proof containers.

Do You Require Hazardous Materials Testing, Report or Removal?

Don’t risk exposure to asbestos – hire our specialists.

Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists are your one-stop shop for:

Pre-demolition or renovation hazardous materials testing and reports
Infrastructure preparation
Consultation services
Hazardous material abatement/removal
Tree removal and land clearing
Free estimates

Public Safety: Accident-free since 1991

For worry-free and safe hazardous materials abatement, demolition, excavation, land clearing and tree removal, call Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists. We have the experience and safety record you'll require to get your project done by professionals on budget and on time.

All our projects are completed with strict compliance to WorkSafeBC occupational health, safety and environmental regulations. Furthermore, we are proud to be accident-free for over 29 years. So, plan your home move, your construction project or your spring cleanings with Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists, and discover peace of mind knowing you’re working with professionals.

No matter what project we take up, we always adhere to industry safety standards local codes. This ensures that the people involved in the task are safe, and the work is done efficiently. You will be glad to know we have a clearance letter available for WorkSafeBC.

Committed to Our Customers

Committed to Our Customers

At Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. With safety as our top priority, our supervisors ensure that all workers are trained and educated to follow WorkSafeBC procedures and regulations. We understand that you require quick, reliable service to keep your schedule running smoothly. Rest assured that our responsible team delivers on all our promises.


Schedule an appointment today and receive a free quote.

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