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Asbestos-related illnesses have become WorksafeBC's biggest claims. Asbestos fibres cannot be seen, but are released when asbestos-containing material is disturbed. When asbestos fibres are ingested or breathed in, they can cause mesothelioma, asbestosis and cancer. Our certified workers are qualified to safely remove asbestos-containing material from your home or commercial property, working under WorkSafeBC regulations and guidelines using personal protective equipment and respirators, leaving your home or commercial building safe for your family or employees.

Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists are your only choice for hazardous material removal and handling, including lead paint removal, in Penticton and the Okanagan Valley. Our competent staff are trained and certified in asbestos abatement as well as:

Drywall compound
Acoustic tile
Stipple-coated ceilings and walls
Roof felt
Asbestos paint
Window putty
Vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl tile, ceramic tile
Boiler and furnace insulation and wrap
Cement (Transite) board siding
Asbestos containing underground pipe
Additional construction materials which contain asbestos

We also provide services to “Demolish Asbestos containing burnt structures following all WorksafeBC regulations for Asbestos Removal, including Notice of Project, documentation, double lined 40 yard bins, air monitoring and clearance, licensed hauling, and certified workers.


Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists are also qualified to remove:

Lead paint
Mercury-containing units
Ozone-depleting units
Chemical products

All hazardous materials removed from construction sites by Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists are handled in accordance with WorkSafeBC, Ministry of Transportation and RDOS guidelines by companies certified to handle hazardous materials. You can leave the testing, paperwork, safe removal and handling to us.

Disadvantages of Lead Paint


Lead can affect the brain and nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system, kidneys and body’s ability to make blood. Pregnant women and children can tolerate less than half the exposure than an adult. There can be adverse effects on a developing fetus if the mother is exposed to even low levels of lead. Children are at greater risk than adults, which can lead to problems with mental and physical development.


Holding a lead paint chip between your fingers can result in the lead entering the bloodstream. Leaching may occur when lead paint chips are left on the ground. Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists follow all WorkSafeBC Regulations for the safe removal of lead paint, and all workers are trained in the dangers of exposure to lead dust, chips and mist.


Cotter’s Hazmat and Demolition Specialists also remove mercury-containing thermostats and light tubes, PCB-containing ballasts and transformers, radioactive units, etc.


Lead paint was used until the 1980s because it increased the durability of the paint, helped it dry faster and made the colours more vibrant. As long as lead paint is in good shape (not peeling or chipping), it is safe and doesn’t pose a hazard. Health risks occur when lead paint is disturbed, sanded, scraped or burned. When lead dust, mist or fumes are released into the environment and inhaled or ingested, serious health risks present themselves. Permanent, irreversible damage to the lungs and brain cells can occur.

Call or e-mail us today for further information on hazardous material removal.

Safe Removal of Hazardous Material

Our certified team has the expertise to remove asbestos and lead.

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